Electro-Thermal Actuator

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Electro-Thermal Design

Thermotion’s 740 Series Electro-Thermal Actuator delivers a high output force over a long stroke length from a compact package.

The standard Thermotion Electro-Thermal Actuator is designed to be installed and to operate with the wire leads mounted “down” in the vertical position (+/- 90°).


  • Linear Output
  • Low Cost
  • Full Force Throughout Stroke
  • High Force-to-Weight Ratio
  • Low Friction
  • Silent Operation (electrically & audibly)
  • Custom Designs Available Upon Request
  • Fail-safe - spring return


  • Damper Controls
  • Automotive Four-Wheel Drive Engagement
  • Valve Control
  • Louver Motion
  • Latch-Lock Mechanisms
  • Other Applications Where A Smooth, Strong And Consistent Force Is Needed


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