Thermo-Magnetic Actuator

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Rotate and Hold Design

Thermotion, LLC introduces it’s new Thermo-Magnetic Rotary Actuator. This rotate and hold actuator design combines the strong, smooth, silent force of our Thermal Actuators with a holding magnet to create a unique, efficient actuator.

Thermotion’s Thermo-Magnetic Rotary Actuators are capable of delivering reliable, long-lasting actuation.


  • Less than 5 Watts of Power Used
  • Long Life — Design Target of 250,000+ Cycles Lightweight and Compact,measuring 2ʺ (50mm) x 4ʺ (100mm) x 2ʺ (50mm) and weighing only ~10oz. (.3 Kg)
  • Enclosure Protection Class: IP-6
  • Fail-safe - spring return


  • Flue and vent damper controls, valve actuation, duct and louver actuators, flap and dispenser actuators.
  • Serving Transportation, HVAC, Appliance, and Aerospace Industries worldwide.