Automotive Heater Control Valve

Automotive Heater Control Valve

2-port in-line valves come with either 5/8" or 3/4" ID hose connections. Valves can be either power to open, spring return closed or power to close, spring return open. Units are powered by Thermotion's unique Electro-Thermal Actuator technology in 12 or 24 volt configurations.

Suitable for a variety of applications, these valves are ideal in mobile climate control systems, replacing vacuum driven valves, thereby eliminating vacuum hose routing problems along with attending vacuum leak engine problems and reducing system costs.

Please contact Thermotion directly for 3/4" hose connections, normally open applications or 24v applications.



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2-Port, Electro-Thermal Linear Actuator with Heater Control Valve 12V Normally Closed 5/8" P/N 740975

Electro-Thermal Actuator opens/closes the valve which controls the coolant flow through a vehicle heater core, providing heat to the passenger compartment. Duty Cycle: When heat is called for, unit is energized. Orientation mandatory, wires down +- 90 degrees.